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Mr. Aaron Shea

Mr. Aaron Shea is the Global Marketing Director of Ken Yuan and the eldest son of Mr. Armstrong Shea. Under the influence of his father's enthusiasm for knitwear manufacturing, Aaron has developed an interest in the field and has therefore accomplished a textile-business-related degree on BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing in London.

Figure 1 Photo of Aaron pattern cutting in his fashion design class

Figure 2 Photo of Aaron's parents attending his graduation

As soon as he graduated, Aaron worked for Selfridges & Co. as a sales consultant in order to gain working experience, and the most importantly, to enrich his knowledge about the fashion and textile industry. He was promoted after a year and became the buyer of Ralph Lauren Women's Black Label consignment store at Selfridges'.

In 2008, Aaron decided to end his career in London and joined Ken Yuan. In the company, Aaron is responsible for raising the whole team's marketing awareness by introducing and presenting the most updated picture of the fashion and textile industry to them. He is also responsible for promoting Ken Yuan's capabilities to different potential clients in the fashion retail market.

Aaron understands that the differences in cultures as well as fashion senses between our staffs in China and clients from the West may possibly hinder communication and cooperation. Therefore, he has been putting efforts to draw the gap closer by developing our merchandisers and artisans' understandings to the demand of our clients' designers.

The Socialite

Outside of business, Aaron is an active member in certain associations. He is a committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Fujian, Quanzhou (福建泉州政協委員); a supervisor of the Hong Kong CPPCC of Fujian Association (福建省港區政協委員聯誼會 監事); and the Vice Chairman of The Quanzhou Wenling Association of Hong Kong (香港泉州溫陵僑商聯合會 副會長) President of the Hong Kong Quanzhou Associations Youth Committee (香港泉州同鄉會 青委會主任) etc.

Figure 3. Photo of Aaron (Left 3) visiting Quanzhou's government officials with a group of young members from The Quanzhou Wenling Association of Hong Kong in Quanzhou city, Fujian province, China

Figure 4. Photo of Aaron (2nd right of front row) organized a welcoming party for the representatives of The Youth Federations of Fujian Province at Pacific Club, Hong Kong

Figure 5. Photo of Aaron with 2008 Summer Olympics Trampoline Champion He Wenna at Pacific Club, Hong Kong

Furthermore, Aaron is a philanthropist and is a Rotarian & 2011-12 Membership Director of 3450 District Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile.

Figure 6. Photo of Aaron with other KGM Rotarians (from right to left) Mabel Wong, David Harilela, Chris Tong & Carola Chard participating District 3450, Area 7 Joint Meeting

Figure 7. From left to right, David Harilela, Teri and Aaron Shea

Figure 8. Aaron, as the President of the Hong Kong Quanzhou Associations Youth Committee, leading his team and had a face to face meeting with Mr. David Harilela at the Harilela’s Mansion.

Figure 9. Teri and Aaron at The Peak Lookout, Hong Kong

In 2013, Aaron married his wife Teri. They gave birth to their first son Adrian in 2014 and are expecting their second son in mid-2015.

Figure 10. Aaron, Teri & Adrian Shea at Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Figure 11. Teri, Aaron and birthday boy Adrian Shea

Figure 12. Father & Son

Figure 13. The Shea’s family