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Come and find the magic in us.

Ken Yuan Knitting Factory Limited is a knitwear manufacturer that specializes in hand-knit, hand crochet and macramé as well as machine-knit garments.

The company was founded in 1965 as a family-owned enterprise and it remains such today. It has maintained its tradition as a handcraft knitwear manufacturer over this period and throughout the last decade, Ken Yuan has started inculcating mechanical elements into its core operations by developing its knowledge and skills in machine knitting.

With our Chairman, Mr. Armstrong Shea's enthusiasm for taking up new challenges and his wholehearted dedication to manufacturing the most complicated knitted handicrafts, as well as our team's excellence to produce delicate knitwear and their conscious effort to operate in coordination with our clients, Ken Yuan has gradually become a pioneer of high-end and fully-fashioned Men's, Women's and Children's knitted sweaters and accessories, as well as knitwear for pets

Ken Yuan has always put great effort into reinforcing our strength in the handcrafting of complicated knitwear designs and cultivating our knowledge of machine knitting. Our staff and technicians have always strived to accomplish challenges in different areas, from material purchase and garment production to client communication. Our hard work has been recognized by clients such as Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan New York.

Due to our strong background in the industry and our dedicated team of experts, we are confident in saying… "You Will Find Us Magical"!