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Mr. Armstrong Shea

Mr. Armstrong MC Shea, the 5th son of Wenzhong Shea, is the Founder and Chairman of Ken Yuan Knitting Factory Limited and Mingyu Knitting Factory Limited.

Under his father's tutelage, Armstrong's passion for knitwear was established at a very young age. He had plenty of opportunities to work with various clients while taking care of Ken Shing's merchandising department. Having been in the knitwear industry for over thirty years, Armstrong's enthusiasm has never faded a bit, but has rather grown further, especially for complicated yet delicate and aesthetic knitted handicrafts.

Figure 1 Photo of Armstrong having a sample development meeting

The Socialite

Outside of business, Armstrong is a committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Fujian, Quanzhou (福建省泉州市政協委員); Honorary Director of Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations (香港福建社團聯會 常董);Permanent Honorary Chairman of Fujian Associations of Hong Kong(香港福建同鄉會 永遠榮譽會長);Permanent Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Quanzhou Associations (香港泉州同鄉會 永遠榮譽會長); Permanent Honorary Chariman of Fujien Athlete Club (香港福建體育會 永遠榮譽會長)etc.

Figure 2 & 3 Newspaper reported Armstrong being the Chairman of the Hong Kong Quanzhou Associations in 2007

He is also a philanthropist and is the Past President of the 3450 District Rotary Club of Tai Po. Everyone close to Armstrong knows that he is a devoted family man. Despite his busy business schedule, he always spares time for his family. Together with his lovely wife Rita, the couple has a son Aaron, and two daughters Sara and Sharon.

Figure 4 Armstrong with his family and good friend Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, GBS, SBS, MBE, JP

Figure 5 Armstrong with late Rotarian and Hong Kong movie star Alan Tang Kwong Wing

Figure 6. From left to right, Adrian Shea, Aaron Shea, Teri Shea, Rita Shea, Armstrong Shea, Sharon Shea, Sit Tuen Wing (Aaron’s mother-in-law) and Sara Shea taken on 11th April, 2015, which is also Adrian’s 1 year old birthday.