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Looking back to when my grandfather moved to Hong Kong, by establishing the first knitwear company. Those were the days when I eventually experienced different kinds of high quality sweaters.

By receiving the first technical package, and by studying every word that our customer want us to do, making the first knitdown, then having the whole team gather up for every sampling meeting, until getting to production, every calculation on yarn usage and wastage, we treated every procedure very serious, in order to make something from conceptual to realistic as beautiful as possible.

Unlike the majority in our industry nowadays, mass production aren't something we are focusing. But the handcraft, having the best artisans, making the most accurate tension and appropriate handfeel, is what we as a whole team are looking for.

The best pleasure of this business is when having the best designer in the world, giving us the most powerful and unconstrained style, letting us from struggling how to make it, until finding out the way to resolve the problem. The whole process allowed us as a team, gradually having a better control on the technical and craftsmanship.

We have been working with many different designer labels throughout the years. Some of them are still very successful, and some of them have been successful, but eventually disappeared in the market. As what I can see, our industry is changing, developing into a more simple and easier way of doing it. No question that fast fashion are some kind of majority in this industry nowadays, but after generations, what I've learnt from my father and grandfather, is not to forget the originality of what we are making. The artisans, the handcraft are the most valuable assets we are having. And I also believe that a long lasting brand should be firm and persist with this same value.

There's nothing better than working with the artisans, who actually not only joined the company when I was still a little boy, but having the sense and the vision of what they are actually doing, as well as when everyone are all on the same track, showing the care, the love and the spirits for the product. This is what I believe our family is always looking for.

When it comes to the generation of my father, his passion and motivation on bringing the best artisans, having stitch by stitch, knitting the best sweaters we can, touched my heart and giving me with no question to try to continue this traditional craftsmanship as far as I could.

Now, no doubt we are all into the modern world. By importing high technologies equipments, machineries and computerized system, in order to reinforce and combine with this old fashion industry, will be one of the path towards my goal.

my care and love to my family reflects my determination on continuing this business. It is just like how much I care and love every piece of product we made. there is no guarantee whether a business will be able to pass on from generation to generation, but one thing I can guarantee is that, our goal is always to make products with care, with heart, with passion with spirit and with our love.